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For more than 7 years LinguaFranca offers translation and quality control services. During these years our team built experience in all areas of translation projects management. We extensively use CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation), Terms Management and Workflow Management software to achieve perfect consistency and ensure superior translation quality.

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“Excellence” is the word which best describes our English to Russian translation services for Information Technology content.


The Healthcare Industry is in the main focus of our Spanish and Portuguese translation team.

LinguaFranca language team combines experience and outstanding subject matter expertise. Our linguists not only translate texts but recreate source materials in the target language making them relevant to your local customers. We know how to write press releases and easy-to-understand user guides. We know how important is to be precise when translating technical documentation or user manuals. Our desktop publishing professionals and quality control team make their essential contribution to the quality of deliverables.

In the last several years LinguaFranca gained unbeatable experience in the field. Our specialists are involved in the wide spectrum of ongoing projects ranging from health insurance forms formatting and translation (SBC, PPO, HMO, etc.) to clinical trials documentation and quality control of medical devices user manuals.


  • Hard drives
  • SSDs
  • Flash memory products
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Displays
  • Mouse & Keyboard
  • Headphones, Headsets
  • Graphics Cards


  • Machine Learning
  • Utilities
  • Drivers
  • Online Games
  • eSport

Health Insurance

  • Insurance Forms
  • Leaflets
  • Summary Of Benefits brochures
  • Letters
  • Marketing materials

Medical devices

  • User guides
  • Leaflets
  • Technical brochures
  • Marketing materials

Clinical Trials Documentation


We are deeply proud that during the past several years we had a fascinating opportunity to help six Fortune 500 companies to translate, review, revise and transform their paper and digital documents, among them:

  • Two Fortune 500 Health Insurance Providers
  • One Fortune 500 Engineering Corporation
  • One Fortune 500 Agriculture and Construction Equipment Dealer
  • One Fortune 500 Manufacturer of Medical Devices

Our translators, editors, DTP and Quality Control team have been working on the projects for such prominent IT companies as:

Translation Quality

We always strive to propose affordable rates to our clients, but we never compromise on quality. We use the right mix of highly effective professionals residing in different parts of the world and cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results at minimum cost while maintaining a high level of quality.

LinguaFranca hires only native speaker editors and proofreaders. Our translators, editors, DTP professionals, and Quality Control specialists achieved great expertise in certain areas and industries. We focus on our strengths, and therefore LinguaFranca offers a carefully selected set of services.

Quality Control

We deeply understand the true meaning of publication and document quality, and we know how to implement Quality Assurance process properly. Quality Control has been our primary line of business for more than 5 years. LinguaFranca provides Translation Quality Control services to the leading U.S. healthcare and health insurance providers. Our well-thought and organized work procedures and software tools help us to prevent even minor errors from happening.

Affordable Prices

We use the right mix of highly effective professionals residing in different parts of the world and cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results at minimum cost while maintaining a high level of quality. But we do not utilize Machine Translation at any stage of our workflow.

We Do Not Make A Promise. We Deliver.

LinguaFranca's teams always orient towards results. It is deeply engraved in our corporate culture. And the best result for us is a long-term relationship with a client which allows us to develop a cost-effective workflow, minimize overhead costs and offer affordable prices.

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